Integrated with Eventival

Through combination of Colosseum and Eventival we developed an unique product that provides complete solution for seamless management of all festival procedures – from festival preparation, through visitors registration to the final control.The system was first implemented at the International Film Festival in Kerala India.


On-line sale and reservation of tickets

Let your customers enjoy comfortable ticket sale and reservation directly through your festival webpage and let them choose the best payment method (cash, bank transfer, credit card and other).

Distinguishing between the various types of accreditation

Distinguish between different types of accreditation thanks to fully automatic synchronization of necessary data about visitors from the dabatase of Eventival. The visitors can buy only the seats, that are available according to their accreditation. Same limits are applied on points of sale to simplify and secure your staff's work.

Various delivery options

Provide further comfort by offering various delivery options including e-ticket via email, sms-ticket to mobile phones or upload booked or reserved tickets straight to the accreditation card.

Thorough checking of tickets

Make ticket check-in easy with variety of supported devices. You can use any computer with barcode reader, lightweight PDA, turnstiles and more.

Detailed statistics

Enjoy complete overview of tickets sold, with details about specific events, prices, accreditations, reservations and many other.

Integrated marketing tools

Target your customers with campaigns sent based on purchase history and make use of detailed online statistics in integrated Google Analytics.



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